United Energy Consultants – Power To The Consumer Since 2008

United Energy Consultants are the most trusted and reliable energy consultants Tri state area has to offer. We are an energy advising firm serving the NY Metro area since a long time. What sets us apart is a simple but amazingly effective formula that has been tried and tested time and again. While majority of the energy consultants operating nowadays concentrate on only a handful of energy suppliers, we on the other hand are proud to be a totally independent agency. We are the best New York energy consultants currently. We put your needs and problems before our own personal gains. We represent dozens of energy suppliers who ply electric and gas. This gives you the option to choose and puts the consumer in the driving seat. It ensures that multiple suppliers compete to provide you their services and utilities thereby assuring the best deal on energy sources. If you belong to New Jersey save on electric by collaborating with us.

We provide complete energy solutions for a wide variety of consumers. We believe in free and equal trade. All our clients hold the same importance to us irrespective of their requirements. We are the premium Energy brokers Tri state area have currently. The company focuses on possessing shrewd negotiation skills, expertise on current technological knowhow, an in-depth knowledge of the energy markets and laws that govern these markets.

Our principal, Peter Kaplan, has been at the helm since the start. He has been an active crusader of deregulated energy markets and laws, and risk assessment since 1994. He trained at the country’s leading energy consulting and brokerage firms in Manhattan and Houston. This makes us the Best energy consultants New Jersey looks to when one needs energy solutions that minimize energy consumption, avoid wastage, and save up on precious electric bills which help your business save considerable energy overheads.


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